The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with much ‘help’ from   government leaders ,past and present,  and many celebrities ,  convinced most, that the end of  civilization is nigh… . The IPCC ,and those supporting scientists, who so effectively convinced UN leadership, that CO2 is the  ’enemy’, might now work ‘as hard’ to convince their own local government  leaders to curtail  CO2 production, while  we  observe  gradual reversal of the effects of that excess CO2.

Some promising ideas are in various stages of development..

1.France produces more than 70 % of it electricity from nuclear fueled power plants.  Should more follow the same path ,as an interim step ??

2.The Small Modular Reactor (SMR) where Canada and other countries see much potential  to reduce the carbon footprint..

3.The ultimate fix could be the ITER project. Canada not a member ? .  ITER’s mission is to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion power…much ‘ITER’ info online …

4.Many ‘solutions’ yet to be fully evaluated….tidal power, wind, solar ,geothermal ,hydrogen fuel, carbon capture, retrofitting…. etc.


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Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben https://www.nationalobserver.com/2019/04/03/features/bill-mckibben-likens-climate-change-second-world-war

…. likens the(climate change) struggle ….. to the Second World War.

Fortunately Dr. Albert  Einstein did see the potential for world conflagration and knew about the advanced knowledge of the Nazi German scientists about the atomic bomb..Thanks to Dr. Einstein, history tells us President Roosevelt put  together a team (the Manhattan Project) and built this bomb, before  Hitler.


Happily much is being done ,to build a device to counter the carbon dilemma .Search ‘ITER’ for details.. Canada was involved initially but withdrew as costs escalated .


!. Canada has long been associated with nuclear power and currently has much potential to further develop its SMALL MODULR REACTORS (SMR) to supply energy in remote locatons,on ships etc https://smrroadmap.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/BRIEF-SMR-Roadmap-Brochure-EN-2018-11-05-1.pdf

“They could supply power to homes, offices and businesses, heat for industrial processes, heat to buildings, and energy to produce clean fuels such as battery charging or hydrogen for transport.”

SMRs are real and happening now etc. ,but  we dither ?

To move forward, key players must act in concert. A  Manhattan approach required !

2.Carbon tax is where we’re at…but …we are rapidly going backward???

3.Canada needs to set some specific goals and measure the results… many other  issues mentioned…solar,batteries,tidal,wind etc..


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

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Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline…demise…

https://www.burnabynow.com/news/burnaby-presents-case-to-exert-control-over-trans-mountain-oil-shipments-1.23768828   ( Feb 2018)

North Vancouver Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson,  ,  said in February,  at a press conference ….. that  the new environmental assessment process for major projects will be more inclusive and transparent ….. “All of the science will be publicly available”.

Recall when  our Science  Minister explained that  “We need to be basing our decisions ……on facts…..and …. SCIENCE “!


Government civil service has the expertise to provide counsel .…they could have saved everyone  a lot of discomfort had Government  trusted them for their counsel about TMX. Note, that Government  Professional Engineers are bound by a code of ethics …and ” hold paramount the safety …of the public…and environment “ …

Recall your lecture, Mr. PM that” only communities can give permission”. We wanted to believe you then but we’d been fooled before…like the one about “basing decisions …on science”…??


Thankfully the Federal Court of Appeal corrected a Government ‘flawed approval decision’ .It’s now time to apply the science that leads us to a least-risk tanker/pipeline transport plan… and earn those superior Canadian   benefits.



Thank goodness for our separation of powers government format. The courts were required to recognize the ‘flawed’ government approval of TMX


So what’s the ISSUE….when  more tankers are permitted into the system, the likelihood of a tanker spill increases !


The Government  Professional Engineers….are bound by a code of ethics …and ” hold paramount the safety …of the public…and environment

Recently, our Science  Minister explained that  “We need to be basing our decisions ……on facts…..and …. SCIENCE “!Was Government TMX decision “based on science”?


According to National Observer report …”British Columbia is not trying to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, but it is attempting to PREVENT environmental damage and hold the corporation responsible for the cleanup of a spill, a lawyer argued Monday.” . Since day one ,communities that would potentially be impacted by a BITUMEN SPILL ,in southern BC  screamed ‘NO WAY’ !


it’s worth noting that no one can PREVENT  spills…, but the goal should be to make best effort to minimize the probability of a spill !


Society must accept new  infrastructure realizing that incidents will happen…. aircraft fall from the sky…but we still fly. Not long ago  a  double hulled oil tanker was lost (sank)in the South China Sea taking  32 lives lost…this weekend a freighter was damaged/lost off the coast of France . This Sunday ,2 ships bumped together in Vancouver Harbour…with little damage resulting .Stuff happens !


“Trans Mountain(Kinder Morgan) submits that ….there are no impacts….that cannot be mitigated ”  !




This  independent  ,U.S. EPA  study CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”

http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20%20DRAFT%20021914%20-%20EXECUTIVE%20SUMMARY.pdf    (page 157)




BC Premier says “we’re going to put in place a scientific panel to look at the potential consequences of a catastrophic (bitumen) spill….



We need a publically debated ,least risk, new  route  plan .

Yes, build one pipeline to a BC shipping terminal location that allows larger dilbit   laden tankers immediate access to the Pacific , to carry oodles more dilbit to market !

As everyone continues to dither we face the oil/pipeline industry product  price gouging… …who will offer us better plan   …food for thought politicians, come October   ?




Justin Trudeau   appears to have ‘lost it’ ! . Former Minister  ,Judy Wilson-Raybould,   has shown him the way. Should  the  most powerful person in Government,   Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, be expected  make this dysfunctional Government right again ? Let’s invite  her to respond ?



As Canada’s ‘de facto’ leader  make this dysfunctional Government right again…just another challenging ‘mission’ ! The Government  appears to have lost sight of the principle of the Separation of Powers. It  appears that our PM and his helpers would prefer an arena where ‘there are  no rules’, but their own!


This government  ‘imbroglio’ is  receiving much speculative media coverage. No doubt you are  aware  of ‘the government situation’ !  The public are correct  in wanting to know the facts. As Head of State, we call on you, Madam Governor General, to order the Prime Minister ,firstly  , because of the disrespect shown  Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, to apologize to her publicly…and if necessary he should to step down and call for an election.

Madam Governor General ,we ask you to right the ship of state and that ultimately you will find a way to let the electorate make the final decision.


…as posted in Seattle Times(Letters) today…further to their article today… If Trans Mountain pipeline approved, reroute ship traffic



A solution is to build   a new pipeline from Alberta to a site on the BC north coast that could handle larger tankers while giving   direct access to the Pacific. The Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline , as proposed, has been fumbled for too many years by our ‘pipe dreamer’  Prime Minister and an inept National Energy  Board .Even our Federal Appeal court ruled the government’ first  approval was  flawed and sent the project back to Energy Board  to be reworked while ordering  special  consideration to the impact of the added tankers and the  ineffective communication with First Nations .The second review   is in government hands for  approval. This Court ordered rehash   is deficient in many areas and likely will end back in the Courts which suggests that a new, more publicly acceptable export plan be developed now!

The new larger capacity facility would allow Alberta to ship more bitumen and governments to recover ‘lost’ export revenues ….and many happier BC and Washington State communities….and whales.


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

(604) 986-4657


Alberta Premier   not afraid to go it alone…and wants to build a refinery in Alberta !…Alberta will  use its  powers to respond decisively and to the punish Ottawa’s ineptness in dealing with pipelines/export issues  !

Yes ,why not extend the goal and team up with BC and jointly call for bids(by Enbridge and/or Trans Canada Pipelines)  to build a new bigger  pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson thus allowing larger tankers to carry more oil to market and no longer threaten BC southern communities with that goofy Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline scheme resulting in  happier/healthier  whales and at the same time reducing potential for tanker spills in BC busy multibillion dollar visitor business areas in southern BC,

Let the winner operate/purchase  existing  Tran Mountain system  to ensure that products are in sufficient supply without the current price gouging we experience in BC . Subject to review such a plan could meet requirements of recent Federal Court of Appeal order to fix he ill-conceived TMX ?.

Proponents of such a plan should be happier given  pending elections !



Chief Bill James  emphasized “the pipeline expansion  affect entire ecosystems…from Orcas to humans……I hope your spirit will understand”. …

Lisa Wilson : “ Unless we do something …we’re going to lose this …”

“ Jeremy Wilbur…  fishing gear lost  ……tankers rarely stay in their …designated lanes…” !

This Trans Mountain Expansion …may bring us to the point of no return” ?

The U.S. has studied0  shipping traffic in the Salish Sea…. their report concludes (pg. 157)   https://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf   “To put it simply……there is no guarantee that risk increases due to traffic increases can be fully mitigated…”



Canada’s  challenge is to minimize the probability of dilbit tanker spill with rigorous independent  risk assessments of the BC/Washington coast.

.Canada’s 1978 shipping  study suggests a port location  somewhere north of Prince Rupert .(see attach)..



Lyne Mercier, chairwoman of the reconsideration board, said that spoken testimonies are a reminder of regional tribes’ tradition of oral history and that the information, “cannot always be adequately shared in writing ”  Personal, oral presentations can be powerful …and difficult to evaluate…The Chairwoman  has a challenge before her.

Good Luck.





UBC professor Kathryn Harrison was interviewed (see link above)and offers some  incisive comment about our  leader…During the interview  (18 minutes) the professor comments that  Justin Trudeau ‘promised all things to all people’ …and recalls his comment that “the environment and the economy  go together”  .Not easy so long as Alberta wants to produce and sell more bitumen while at the same time the PM   fully commits  Canada to the COP21 mandate !

Now other wrenches are thrown into the works….Bombardier, GM Oshawa closure, Ontario (Conservative)Premier Ford…all in the Liberal heartland…and the yet to be changed government in Alberta??

The question CBC asked was not answered. We know that there is no way for the TMX should  be built as proposed. Mike Priaro ,P Eng. ,Alberta ,has the potential answer with his pipeline diversion plan at Sumas ,BC.


The  Energy East might be revived  as Eastern Canadians look for jobs and Liberals search for votes !!

Might as well reopen the Pacific Northern Gateway Pipeline (PNG) with the shipping terminal located at Port Simpson(instead of Kitimat)…Time for compromise and appropriate scientific analysis.

Airplanes  still fall from the skies, yet we still fly…We must accept the  occasional tanker and /or pipeline will fail …leaving us with the only choice…we must make our best effort to minimize these more serious events… … by applying the best available risk assessment science ,before deciding .

Our leader failed to meaningful consult with First Nations   and  look for community permission  , BEFORE  deciding about TMX !!


Thanks to our Federal Court of Appeal for ordering Government to correct for these glaring omissions.



The Trans Mountain thing was a dud from the beginning , and likely unfixable.

Confusing  times, yes. Recall when our  leaders attended the  Paris  Climate Gabfest… .They returned  without a clue offered for   Canadian  solutions.



Our scientists are said to be released to speak to the public about their scientific work…so far not a word about ITER ,which now is building a prototype fusion plant in France…scheduled for start-up in , 2025….. Thousands of engineers and scientists have contributed to the design of ‘ITER’ since the idea for an international joint experiment in fusion was first launched in 1985. What has IPCC built ??

President Donald Trump just joined the ITER club  and kicked in $100 million  ,plus.


Some say fusion power is not the answer. Let our  scientists explain to us,  please !


Yes, do slow down  building carbon dioxide generating infrastructure…There must be  a studied transition period ..Do   not want  to starve our forests of that vital ‘pollutant’ , carbon dioxide…thinks about that  possibility !!