Recall that Justin Trudeau announced his ’preference’ for the TMX before becoming the BOSS ! Not surprisingly the MEDIA,TMX,the Cabinet,the NEB remembered the   BOSS’ preference.

Wiser heads COULD  yet prevail…The new OMNIBUS bill requires the PROJECT REVIEW process…. no longer depend entirely on scientific data supplied by project proponents…. Ottawa will pay to bring in external scientific experts when needed…. !

Yes, that time is NOW…do bring in  scientists (in the public interest) and LET THEM  show the BC public the location of the least risky tanker routes along the BC coast !

Our  Minister of Science…  told us  that …“We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts…..and on SCIENCE ! Or, did your Minister misspeak ?


Omnibus Bill C-69…apply the principles, NOW


The PM  told media that a rewrite of NEB rules. would  include Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline. . See Omnibus BILL C-69,that  addresses nicely the deficiencies of the NEB/TMX….for instance, seeking outside expert assistance….


TMX  submits that ….”there are no impacts….that cannot be mitigated ”  !   So be happy, BC…       We worry, nonetheless .


 BC Senator Neufeld,  comments in the media.  “ … leadership is needed ..  He(the P:M) must stand up … for Canadians.” Surely the Senator ….saw the Senate Pipeline Study which suggested that government “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.

Senator, please help to solve this problem and apply some  ‘sobre second thought ‘ to this new, but late, innovative government Omnibus  Bill C-69.

Can  the Senate  delay approval of TMX until it’s upgraded  with Omnibus Bill C-69 necessary features ?Alternatively courts are likely to be involved…could you request that they consider the Bill 69 features before deciding ?

Pipelines and tankers are here for a long while…so let’s gain community support …and get on with a new, less risky, export plan  !



Premier Rachel Notley  task force… to  defend… from B.C.’s “unconstitutional attack”


BC communities WILL NOT PERMIT a 7 fold increase of bitumen tankers in our busy ,environmentally sensitive waters….

Fortuitously we are offered the (potential)opportunity to solve the BC/Alberta pipelines mess..

North Vancouver ,MP Jonathan Wilkinson, parliamentary secretary to the environment minister, held a press conference in Victoria Thursday morning to unveil federal changes… the   new ….assessment process … will be more inclusive …. “All of the science will be publicly available,” and  will … no longer depend entirely on scientific data supplied by project proponents.. Ottawa will pay to bring in external scientific experts ….”.Thanks for listening…


Test   the  new assessment process NOW  and  show the folly of proceeding with  the proposed TMX …possibly to  create a bigger, and much less risky export plan ….




“North Vancouver… MP Jonathan Wilkinson, …held a press conference … Thursday morning to unveil federal changes for the new environmental assessment process …all of the science will be publicly available,”

Interestingly  the gov’t  no longer (will) depend entirely on scientific data supplied by project proponents  ! Ottawa may  bring in external scientific experts when needed.”

Surely BC/Alberta or Federal government cannot carry on while recognizing the glaring science omissions of the recent  NEB review….?


The TMX ( now stalled) gives all concerned an opportunity to come to a more community permitted , vital,  diluted bitumen  export plan !




Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) proposal required  a  7 fold increase in tanker traffic in in our busy ,environmentally stressed waters.  No independent risk assessment was prepared  for  TMX .The NEB ‘saw fit’ to accept only the TMX  risk assessment… The NEB’ responsibility is to protect the public interest….they did not !


Had an independent risk assessment been offered for PUBLIC  debate the TMX proposed tanker routing  might have shown unacceptably   risky.

Recall when the PM once told us that governments issue permits,but ONLY communities give permission. No southern BC communities gave permission.

Recently, our Science  Minister explained that  “We need to be basing our decisions ……on facts…..and …. SCIENCE “! Let our scientists show where the lest risky routes are located…

Better late, than sorry !



Some on-line comment   to consider…

–What if Alberta shuts off oil to BC.

–Strong leadership required …

–Concern about protests/retaliation…

-BC acting un-Canadian

-NEB ‘limited review’”… pipeline can be built, operated and maintained in a safe manner.”

Our Prime Minister spoke favorably about Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline project even before the election .

“We ..National Energy Board(NEB), regulate pipelines, …… in the  Canadian public interest. ….we factor in, environmental, etc.…. considerations.”

The key omission by the NEB was their lack of a call for an independent risk assessment (in the public interest) which, if publically debated. could have exposed the unchallenged TMX risk assessment .Instead the NEB accepted, holus bolus, the TMX risk data…

Did our leader ,prophetically, create the solution…when he offered to mediate this pipeline issue…

What say Mr. PM ?



Lisa Raitt said. “Everything that Justin Trudeau touches becomes a nightmare…”…… For instance, why forego the opportunity to utilize Canadian oil ,by  causing cancelation of the Energy East project….. ‘A business decision…’ says PM Trudeau … More likely  ‘pre-election jitters’ !!

Based on the PM ’curious ‘ decisions to date, Canadians may wonder, what decision aids he utilizes …could it be the Ouiga Board, or  séances with Liberals of yore  Much CO2 is produced by  the automobiles manufactured in Liberal rich voter regions….  So ‘I’ must shut down this ‘bad’ industry ….in the name of Climate Change.


Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)  dilemma  !

1.Our PM  says ”governments issue permits, but ONLY communities give permission”…should we believe this ?  Minister of Science   tells us that  “We need to be basing our decisions  on SCIENCE”…  !

2..  Imagine the joy in Kinder Morgan headquarters…when wannabe prime minster Justin Trudeau told the media that he ‘preferred’ the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) project !

  1. “the Federal government is (starting) spending $80 million on oil spill research”(recent Vancouver Sun news)……in search of a proven method to clean up spilled bitumen ??
  2. Canada’s Senate  Pipeline Study made recommendations… on “how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process. “Should be interesting ?
  3. Risk assessment ,just more statistics…a waste of time some will say…. Not so fast…I’d guess that Alberta government is ‘spending’ plenty to control/reduce future flood damage in southern Alberta—and risk assessments by the best scientists in the business are working now to reduce future damage… …Maybe  the new Chief Science Officer, with help from recognized risk assessment experts could study Alberta flood and BC tanker dilbit routing/leak scenarios –before it’s too late !

6.Let our PM keep his word and mediate the dilbit export plan to ensure that risk is minimized ,starting now !

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657




From: Michael Priaro []
Sent: December 17, 2017 10:52 AM
To: ‘’


The Hon. David Eby, Q.C.,

Attorney General, B.C.

MLA, Vancouver – Point Grey





Dear Mr. Eby,


On January 10, 2017 the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) issued an environmental assessment certificate for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The certificate is subject to 37 conditions in areas of provincial jurisdiction. This certificate is in addition to the federal NEB’s 157 conditions. The 37 conditions respond to concerns raised by communities and Aboriginal groups during consultation and to key areas of provincial interest and jurisdiction.

A new B.C. government was elected on May 27, 2017. It has a responsibility to the citizens who elected it and to the all the citizens of British Columbia to:

  1.       Review the background and qualifications of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office to determine if there was potential bias and to make new appointments and changes as necessary in order to conduct an objective Environmental Assessment in the best interests of the residents, the environment, the ecology, and the economy of the Lower Mainland and Islands.
  2.      Review whether existing conditions accepting submission of certain reports after construction starts make sense or if those reports must be submitted before construction starts.
  3.      Conduct a full maritime risk assessment that includes: a), a proper risk analysis of tanker collision with bridges and other harbour and coastal infrastructure; b), a proper risk analysis of ship-to-ship collisions; c),  a proper analysis of the risks of, and damages from, an oil spill; d), analysis of the operational capability in response to an oil spill; e), the environmental, social, and operational clean-up costs of an oil spill; f), the adequacy of international, domestic, and private insurance funds to cover the potential clean-up costs and damages from any oil spill.
  4.      Evaluate whether there is a significantly better alternative (there is) for oil pipeline access to west coast tide-water.

No construction ought to be permitted to start or to continue on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion until all of the above responsibilities are discharged to the satisfaction of the people and government of B.C.


Mike Priaro, P.Eng.


919 Canaveral Cres SW

Calgary AB T2W 1N3




“…nothing brings a community together like having something to disagree on” says Nicholas Wong


  • This ‘disagreement’ has gone on for too long…a ‘SOLUTION’ would be to allow dilbit laden tankers to travel the least risky route on our coast, not Port of Vancouver or the Salish Sea…… then  into open Pacific waters…


  • Canada exists, as we know it ,because of  its exports !


  • the Prime Minister  counselled that ..”governments issue permits…but ONLY communities give permission .Good counsel !More government sound counsel , “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts, on evidence and on SCIENCE ,said the Science  Minister when announcing a  Government plan to appoint a Science Officer !


  • OK Mr. PM ,instruct  our scientists to produce an independent  marine route ‘risk assessment’ to locate the  least risky  routes on the BC coast  .and export even more bitumen !


  • …and then follow up with your offer “for Ottawa …to mediate this pipeline” issue…”


  • only the PM  can make this happen !