Further to Peter O’Neil’s Vancouver Sun story ,today…



Exporting oil is very much  in the National Interest… so let’s export !

Let the PM assign his experts to search for a more publically acceptable (less risky) oil export proposal. .. where the  probability of a marine based dilbit spill is minimal.… Of course  Kinder Morgan prefers ‘their’ bean counter designed ,least cost, ‘handy’ ,pipeline twinning scheme…that leaves Burrard Inlet communities with  near 7 times more dilbit laden tankers in busy  Burrard Inlet and the southern BC  many Gulf Island  passes , the greatly increased tank farm capacity in a residential neighbourhood,etc.,

The key BC concern, always has been about dilbit spills…into our marine  waters…or my backyard ,as the KM  60+ year old pipeline weaves its  way through neighbourhoods .


It was for similar reason(fear of dilbit spills) that the Enbridge ,Northern Gateway project failed the BC public relations ‘test’. Sending dilbit laden tankers through the island- bound Douglas Channel…and the cherished Great Bear rain forest area….. quickly ,was outright rejected by most…the Prime Minister agreed .

Surely our advisors and scientists should be able ,with the PM’  counsel ,to ‘listen’ and ‘use science’,   confirm that there is a better ,SAFER, pipeline plan available.. One that would permit Alberta to ship dilbit,to the BC coast, in a more acceptable ,risk-free, manner…and still meet Alberta’ export needs,

Build one pipeline from Alberta to a dilbit loading terminal near Port Simpson …and give tankers a less risky ,wide open access to the Pacific.






I recall reading in a biography  about  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  …when he was asked if he’d ever accepted a bribe…he replied ‘no…but then I never had real good offer ‘ ! Which suggests  that, likely ,we all ‘have a price’…. Other communities might like to know  the ‘Chilliwack GRANT formula’  for gaining this  community’ ‘permission’ ! Recall PM Trudeau’s recent counsel   …that “governments ,after deliberation ,grant permits…and communities grant permission ”. Most southern BC coastal communities might as well get their share…too !

Vancouver Mayor Robertson’s  CFO should be developing their price…the Provincial treasury ,would appreciate a ‘boost’…Premier Clark might at least ask ??

Unless governments and communities stand against this ill-conceived Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning scheme…we’ll end up with a pipeline/tanker operation  that we didn’t want/need…for the next half century ..or longer !



Let’s create an NEB with bigger teeth…more of a tribunal, created to  fully  consider, public concerns .

We have the opportunity to adjust our pipeline plans to minimize the probability of a major dilbit spill…but so long as our so called reps hide behind the PM’ skirts ..instead of standing up for their electorate ,BC is left with a pipeline scheme with  relatively greater probability of  a dilbit spill…unnecessarily !

Premier Christy Clark would be wise stand up to the PM and say ‘no’ to the Kinder Morgan  scheme…and press him to consider just one smart pipeline from Alberta to much less risky terminal ,north of Prince Rupert . Alternatively Premier , you can forget about  forming a government ,as the Burrard Inlet  and other  southern BC communities might decide try the ‘other team’…as they did when PM Harper ’ignored’ us !

Some might suggest the George Bush ,SOX Act, language be incorporated into the NEB Act..… where penalties range from $ 1 million to $5 million and 10 to 20 years in jail…OR BOTH !!

With this costly ‘accountability’ language facing the CEO ,who would be required to ‘sign off ’ ,we’d expect more attention would be directed to training, testing and replacing more of the 50-60+ year old pipelines that traverse our lands and waters.


The recent NEB listening panels ,  confirmed  that communities  will not ‘grant permission’ to locate  the ill-conceived Kinder Morgan  dilbit infrastructure  in our busy ,environmentally  related, rich, business income and tax revenue waters .This result  basically confirms PM Trudeau’s recent comment …that “after due deliberation… governments grant permits…and ultimately communities grant  permission”.

Subject to the Panel recommendartion to the NEB…our government now must ‘deliberate’ until they come up with a publically acceptable plan to export Alberta oil . Our PM did offer to mediate   in the pipeline in review… While climate change matters are decided…we must  export dilbit…in the National Interest !

Where is the location that offers the  least likelihood of a dilbit spill ? Once that location is determined  the PM can make his decision…


The simpler the better. Some have suggested to build just ONE PIPELINE system from Alberta to a loading terminal location that provides more open access to the Pacific .



Attachment shows how a citizen responded to a bunker spill on Ambleside Beach(West Vancouver)…Sep 26,1973…in case you’ve forgotten…People in Victoria can visit the NEB ‘listening’ panel Tuesday…take this along and ask Kinder Morgan …….how  THEY will to clean up that inevitable dilbit spill…along Victoria and Gulf Islands beaches…the folks in Puget Sound likely are not happy with this TMX crazy plan…At least the Washington people(George Washington University) had  an extensive risk assessment produced (2010/2014, EPA funded) that attempted to show the probability of an oil leak  In the Salish Sea…What has our  Provincial and Federal Government have done ? Ask them !….

For those interested….here’s the risk assessment link..


Of course…it’s easier to whistle  past  the graveyard, !!…    So much for our Prime Minister’s promise to use science when deciding….or will he ,this time, live up to his latest quip…that ‘governments grant permits…and communities grant permission..”.. before it’s too late….


The message I heard when attending the North Shore listening panel meeting ,Aug19,2016…’offered little “community  permission”…??

Looks to me like he’s given the public a chance to chat in these panel gatherings…and therefore will claim that I have lived up to the promise to let the public have their say…but now watch for the decision to agree to KM’s nutty plan…come December.

Hope I’m wrong…!


Following are my speaking notes ..p/a system ??…my effort overall , C- .

My name is….

Thanks for this opportunity to address this audience and the panel…

Imagine this ‘hypothetical ‘ scenario….Great Pipelines  Inc.( call them GPI), today ,  presents a proposal to Lower Mainland group council session, to build a dilbit loading terminal, in Burnaby,…just east of second Narrows CN rail bridge…an accompanying 1100 km transmountain pipeline…terminating  at a  mountainside tank farm in a Burnaby residential neighbourhood, all for export via comparatively large  Aframax size  dilbit tankers….
Can anyone guess at the reception for GPI..…after hearing about this   ill-conceived scheme !

Forget it !!

Now fast forward …what went so wrong. Did Kinder Morgan, ever  have  courtesy meeting to advise local communities of their plans…This would  slow down the process…we(KM)  know how to deal with public hearings process…and we expect  approval of our proposal ,since it will likely be declared a project of ‘National Interest’…and therefore can receive prompt government approval..

As local folks started to hear about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline(NGP)…and the skeptical northern BC  response…because of concerns about dilbit spills in Douglas Channel…and the tricky exit channels ,as the dilbit laden tankers worked their way out to the open Pacific.

Similar concerns soon were expressed by the southern BC public…during the local Trans Mountain NEB public hearings…but no one heard…and few were allowed to express their concerns. The hearings dragged on and on…oops ,there’s a federal election…in sight.

Guess what, suddenly we had a new government with a leader …that has  learned on the job ..he has  offered some promising  counsel …relative to the BC   two  pipelines saga..

Most recently the PM told the public that ‘government grants  permits…but the local community grants permission…”What a relief…We think he’s got it !

What’s left now is to find a way to gain BC approval for a pipeline plan that makes sense…and minimizes the probability of a dilbit spill , which could adversely affect our tourism industry….which brings in $ mullti-billions for our business and tax revenues.

Transport Canada handles matters related to our coastal waters…assign them to deliver a plan that would outline where tankers could travel our coast with relatively minimum probability of creating a dilbit spill situation…Burrard Inlet,the Salish Sea, Douglas Channel and the Great Bear rain forest areas would be excluded…and  the obvious choice that several have suggested…is an open port location ,north of Prince Rupert…which offers open access to the Pacific…and also minimize land spills by building just one combined pipelines system…in a common corridor….simple as that..

There’s one other issue that will be addressed ..that is security…there are scenarios that would not come to mind…so to waken your awareness…see Jack Gin’s paper…which was filed with NEB Aug 18,2015Filing id A583229….or see link


Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this panel presentation

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

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Comment…not likely to change anything…the panel will present ‘their take’ on what was presented .…In fairness, the panel was offered little new to work with…we’ll wait and see…I’m guessing that PM will argue that he gave the public a chance to speak(therefore vindicated)…they spoke…a well behaved bunch…and now it’s Alberta’s time for the reward…??? Hope I’m wrong…bets ??



The  BC ‘issues’ are ..…marine spills of dilbit….. Burnaby storage ’tank farm’  location…. the 63 year old pipeline.

The ‘oil sands’ industry yielded $ billions for the Canadian economy (jobs, taxes). Sadly, that industry has not been able to demonstrate effective  , cleanup and recovery procedure of  that inevitable ,real life situation, dilbit spill .. The industry’s  goal must be to ‘more safely’  manage  dilbit infrastructure(pipelines,etc.) and  dilbit tanker routing …

The fact is…that pipelines and tankers are still the best choice for transport of petroleum products .

The Prime Minister’s  promises to listen and use  science …offers a common sense plan.

The PM ,as the ultimate ‘decider’, could instruct the NEB ,In the public interest, to contract  ,NOW, for an expert, independent RISK assessment that identifies  a  pipeline location, showing   the least probability of a dilbit  ‘land’ or a ‘marine’ spill . Without an independent, expert risk assessment ,in hand, the NEB is in no position to offer a scientifically based recommendation to government .

I believe that such a  study would confirm that a ‘single’ pipeline ,terminating at an  open ocean terminal…somewhere near Prince Rupert…would provide us with  a practicable solution to our pipelines dilemma.. ……



Let our LEADERS fly the BC coast…and with shipping traffic/historical  data in hand , challenge themselves  to make their  recommendation about ‘where’ to allow the diluted bitumen (dilbit) tanker facilities/sailings …. Can you guess where dilbit infrastructure and tanker routes would NOT BE RECOMMENDED ??? Try Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet and the International Salish Sea waters.. How many think an area ‘somewhere north of Prince Rupert ‘ would be chosen to  build one dilbit export facility ??

Billions have been  spent to develop the ‘tar sands’…but sadly little independent science is available about  spilled bitumen in water… Ask our Canadian pipeline industry .Recall the Enbridge , 2010 , ‘Keystone Kops’ Kalamazoo, Michigan,incident and the recent Husky Energy ,North Saskatchewan River ‘boo-boo’  !).

Like it or not , pipelines and tankers are about ‘as safe as it can be’…The BC public MUST BE  offered  the least-risk option !

The BC public sees the need and value of exporting our resources…via our  coastal waters..
OK , Mr.  Prime Minister ,it’s time now to offer your promised ,science supported, ‘pipeline mediation ’ counsel…..and let a West Coast ,bitumen pipeline, be born !


The BC  ‘5 conditions ’ were ‘sort of ‘ dealt with ?………The industry persisted  with its  ill-conceived plan  to build more dilbit infrastructure and increase 7 fold the number of diluted bitumen  laden tankers  in  Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea…..


Let our DECISION MAKERS  fly the BC coast…and with some shipping traffic data in hand (weather, relative traffic volumes, list of historical incidents, etc. ) then be challenged to make a recommendation about ‘where’ to allow the dilbit tanker sailings …recognizing that a dilbit spill could happen…. Can you guess where bitumen infrastructure and tanker routes would NOT BE RECOMMENDED  ???Try Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet and the International  Salish Sea waters.. Now ,how many think an area somewhere north of Prince Rupert would be chosen ??


Governments and industry has devoted billions to development of the ‘tar sands’…but sadly they have shown little evidence about behavior  of spilled bitumen in water…just ask our Canadian pipeline industry (Enbridge and Husky).


Like it or not , pipelines and tankers are about as safe as it can be…BUT remember….pipelines don’t fail…PEOPLE FAIL PIPELINES !


Yes ,BC sees the need and value of exporting our resources…via BC coastal waters..

Let the ‘modern NEB’ sit down and with some independent , expert, comparative risk reports….and  invite our Prime Minister to offer  his ‘pipeline mediation ’ counsel…

Voila..a pipeline is born !

Carl Shalansky,P.Eng. (retired)


604 986 4657





The new government plans to deliver on  its earlier   promises to use ‘science’ and ‘listen’…..during  the upcoming  Ministerial Review panel, local community , meetings.

As stated in recent correspondence(May 17,2016) with Minister Natural Resources ,The Honourable Minister Natural Resources, Jim Carr… states ”The Government recognizes the importance of infrastructure development…. to move resources to market…..the Government has developed a transition strategy…to enhance engagement of Indigenous Peoples, provide opportunities for Canadians to express their views and to ensure that decisions are based on science and facts.”

Canadians hope that the ‘modernized’ NEB will succeed in recommending  a bitumen export plan, after   listening  to  BC’ citizens’ concerns…and independent, expert , scientists.

After NEB  review…we should expect a publically acceptable bitumen export plan…with  ONE   bitumen pipeline system, storage terminal…and marine route in an open ocean access location…Not Burrard Inlet, Salish Sea…or Douglas  Channel.

The Enbridge and Kinder Morgan proposals are both unacceptable to BC citizens ..and a new better result is anticipated from the modernized, citizen and  science based  NEB recommendation. Let the new government decide…then move quickly to regain our vital export revenues ..

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (retired}

604 9864657