Leaders–don’t be led–Lead

PIPE LINES ARE SAFE ..’MOST’ of the time!
Since the 2010 Kalamazoo Michigan incident ,Enbridge are still finding bitumen . Old pipelines CAN be  upgraded .New pipe lines may  include  ;thicker pipe; continual  flow monitoring ;  avoidance of  sensitive areas ,extra  isolation valves; more  surveillance ; support of local community activities,etc.,
However,because of inappropriate operating/inspection  procedures, delayed maintenance,design deficiencies,and lack of stewardship by Boards ,pipelines can   fail !
So—-pipelines don’t fail !
We hear about double hulls,sophisticated navigation aids ,GPS, trained crews,accompanying and tethered tugs,—Then , enter the PEOPLE—who become  distracted, or ? It’s happened throughout history—
So—-ships don’t sink  !
‘MOST’ of the time ‘ is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! The public  demand that there be  an ‘absolute minimum’ of oil( bunker) spill incidents ; on land ,in rivers,wet lands,lakes and ocean passes ,narrow inlets and  and bays.THIS WE CAN DO——can anyone imagine dumber location than Douglas Channel with it’s many connecting inlets for a BITUMEN shipping route ??—Now comes Kinder Morgan and their unbelievable scheme to increase ,by orders of magnitude , the bitumen laden tanker sailings and bitumen volumes in our busy Burrard Inlet—and the other critical passages through Haro Strait  and Boundary Pass ??
The proposed Kinder Morgan twinning project is NOT required !
Here’s the alternate plan; Form a joint venture(Enbridge and KInder Morgan) and create ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM  from Alberta  to a shipping terminal  just north of Prince Rupert –with access to world markets. And MINIMIZE THE PROBABILITY AND CONSEQUENCES OF BITUMEN SPILLS ,while retaining the benefits of export for Canadians!

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