Leaders lead—please !

see    http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/op-ed/Opinion+spills+lessons+must+learn/9652436/story.html     After waiving ‘bye bye’ to the departing Bitumen tankers..Enbridge and Kinder Morgan has no ongoing  responsibility for a tanker bitumen spills… ?   Of course these pipe line/shipping  companies ,along with ‘Ottawa’ experts ,would be wise  demonstrate  their skills at  a mock bitumen spill incident in Burrard Inlet..!   More good news..’We’ intend to remove  ‘people’ from any potential  problem areas—- most ‘incidents’ are the result of people errors…!   We see the need  for oil shipping or pipelining—however WE CAN DO THE COMMON SENSE THING….restrict ship and pipeline routing to areas with the least potential for the feared bitumen spill incident ..!   Locate bitumen export shipping terminal at a point  just north of Prince Rupert ,to be served with a joint venture (Enbridge/Kinder Morgan) pipe line system from Alberta..resulting in open ocean access to world markets…   Result… bitumen spill threats minimized or eliminated  in; 1.  Douglas Channel and  other northern waters;and 2. Southern BC waters—Burrard Inlet,Boundary Pass, Haro Strait,Gulf islands,southern BC Coast generally   Also,no need for Kinder Morgan twinning project !   A simple doable solution..ADDRESSING  many  BC concerns.. What’s required now is political leadership…or the BC public may decide to carry out  their own  ‘ultimate’ NEB Hearing—the National Election Ballot –soon !! OK leaders-LEAD,  please ! 


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