Happy Lotus Landers and Politicians

As  Kinder Morgan President ,Ian Anderson ,tells us   “Asia is where the producers want to get …the growing market, however, is China.”..……which makes sense.—Their is great desire by all southern BC’ers to NOT INCREASE …,BY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE ,…THE NUMBER OF BITUMEN LADEN TANKERS  AND  VOLUMES OF BITUMEN IN OUR SOUTHERN BC WATERS—namely;Burrard Inlet,Gulf islands,Boundary Pass,Haro Strait..and all the channels,inlets,other waters and shores  in the Salish Sea..etc..
We  Lotus Landers  are not happy with  the Kinder Morgan scheme to twin your lines—as it turns out  ; UNNECESSARILY !
There is PLAN that could endear the wannabe pipeliners  to the BC public and…the Federal government..
How?—glad you asked..
Here it is—Kinder Morgan create a joint venture (JV) with Enbridge and build one pipeline system from Alberta to an ocean loading terminal at a point just north of Prince Rupert—where your JV would have a relatively open ocean route to ASIA,California—even the US gulf coast(via Panama)..
Imagine the joy in Lotus Land ! Hell the public will likely begin to favour a corporation that listens—and the Feds will be smiling too !
But wait , the joy has not ended..imagine all the tourist industry folks as they see no more bitumen shipments in the Douglas Channel and the MUCH reduced probability of a bitumen spill in northern waters— ALSO,these welcome pipeline and shipping changes  would help the BC multi billion dollar tourist industry breathe a LOT  easier…
And the ultimate beneficiaries are US—these many ,now happier , voters ….when Oct 19,2015 Federal Election rolls around??
As our Prime Minister counselled ,not long ago—that we should use use science to help us decide—NOT POLITICS…..see how it works…simple as that..

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