NEB’ ; sit and listen,primarily to invitees !


The NEB  tells us…”they regulate pipelines…in the PUBLIC INTEREST’……the essence of their being ;one would think ??

The NEB would be wise to seek independent ‘world expert’ studies to provide neutral data ,including U.S. data—see link


As we now know…Cabinet can change NEB decisions–. in the  NATIONAL interest ..!


‘PUBLIC INQUIRIES’ ;seek EXPERT input from ‘everywhere’ !

1. ( a controversial report that the Government did not touch !)

Thomas Berger ultimately found that the economy of the region would not be harmed by not building the pipeline.


The West Coast Oil Ports INQUIRY (Chaired by Andrew Thompson,)was set up in March 1977 specifically to investigate  IMPORT oil to Kitimat !!–because of  then oil shortage—?……. No port was per Commissioner’s recommendations.

Today; many would  favour  a  publicly chaired INQUIRY—rather than a HEARING by government appointed Board ??

What say you ?


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