Alberta wants more Ottawa support !

Alberta wants more Ottawa support

Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner says “Canada’s federal government isn’t doing ENOUGH to build support for Enbridge Inc.’s proposed pipeline to ship crude from the oil sands to the nation’s Pacific coast”

Yes , P.M. Harper has the political power to declare Northern Gateway as a project of National Interest;that should be ENOUGH….unless this whole mess ends in court..for extended period…and will Mr. Harper’s ‘successor’ be in any position to continue supporting this ill conceived project routing …..the 2015 election may change the government..but yes , a pipeline is required and will be built in such a manner that does not anger the public as did Enbridge(now Kinder Morgan) and their bully tactics…In fact the pipeline could likely gain BC public support NOW if the proponents cared to listen…Had the NEB and the wannabe pipeliners listened they would have figured out that one main issue is causing the people to got o the streets,blockade,etc..The fear of the inevitable bitumen spill in our inlets,bays, narrow passes, busy harbours and bordering shorelines and the world class tourist trade which generates huge revenues for BC ..Also some are have a threatened lifestyle …The NEB had a Hearing but WHO LISTENED !
Prime Minister Harper and his backroom experts needed to listen—and with some smart boardroom leadership they should have recognized the root cause of our disappointment(bitumen spills in our waters!) …There exists a more acceptable scheme for shipping bitumen in our waters…here’s what could gain BC support AND likely win the day for Alberta and Ottawa….change the routing and move all of Alberta’s bitumen to world building ONE PIPELINE system from Alberta to the BC coast ; to a terminal just north of Prince Rupert to give open ocean access to world markets…no one has convinced us that there is a proven technology for bitumen containment and recovery..and until such time combine the two pipeliners operations into the one pipeline system and eliminate most areas of concern about that bitumen spill..see reports about recent heavy oil spill in Galveston Bay..spills do/will happen—and we ‘voters’ insist that the big corporations listen and act—the old bullying days are done ! Watch the mood change if we Lotus Landers finally see some common sense ‘happening’ in the Corporate Boardrooms and Federal Cabinet ?
This is an easy, doable way to allow the proponents to get on with it—even without another meaningless Public Hearing,!

see link.. ..The federal government should make it clear the pipeline is of national economic importance, said Horner. “You have to remember that a lot of what we do in western Canada creates economic activity and jobs in eastern Canada,” he said.

Yes,all Canada’s natural resources are of ‘national economic importance’
Sir…what we (Alberta corporations and their Boards of directors) do in Western Canada may require ‘some changes ‘ to suit the public affected.. .. ‘consider the public’
…or see the ultimate NEB in action,—at the National Election Ballot …is anyone listening ?


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