NEB–in the ..public interest..!

The public remains greatly concerned about probability of bitumen spills in our ocean waterways, etc.. This complex issue was not DEBATED to a logical conclusion ? Science that is not debated ,typically, yields BABBLE .
Recall Prime Minister Harper’s counsel; ‘science,NOT politics, should help us decide .. ‘
The NEB must invite our own government experts AND international experts to explain, discuss and debate ,complex issues, at NEB hearing , BEFORE preparing recommendation for Cabinet.. i
Will the Kinder Morgan expert study about probability of bitumen spills in southern BC waters be challenged by experts.? There was a chance for SOME debate about ocean spill frequency but the US Environmental Protection Agency was denied intervener status…..bewildering ?
‘’The purpose of the NEB is to regulate pipelines ,energy development and trade ….in the Canadian public interest”.
Here’s how to do that while MINIMIZING the frequency of bitumen spills ; combine Enbridge and Kinder Morgan applications in one pipeline system and export from an open ocean terminal just north of Prince Rupert..for export to world markets….in the Canadian public interest !


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