In the canadian Public Interest

The B.C. public remains greatly concerned about complex technical issues ,related to the probability of BITUMEN SPILLS in our waters, .

Our NEB must invite our government experts AND international experts to compare their expertise to the pipeline proponent’s data—before sending recommendations to Cabinet ..

This was NOT done satisfactorily and thus the B.C. public ,understandably ,are not going to let these pipe liners bully their way through the process …while essentially ignoring B.C. public concerns..and then have the pipe liners assume Prime Minister Harper will declare these pipelines to be in the National Interest !

Since there are critical issues not yet resolved— let’s consider a common sense interim solution—to permit Alberta to export it’s bitumen..while minimizing the probability and the frequency of bitumen spills in B.C. Combine Enbridge and Kinder Morgan applications in ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM and export from an open ocean terminal , north of Prince Rupert(maybe Port Simpson)..for bitumen export to world markets…. Recall that ,the now darling of the petroleum industry,the LNG industry, did struggle for decades with their storage and transport issues—so must bitumen prove that their issues are now scientifically resolved the Canadian public interest.

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