The 4th Option !


WAIT !—there is a 4th OPTION !
The US seem to like free trade deals– so long as Canada provides materials as required—Is the ‘quid pro quo’ , that Canada should provide a market for US goods (or did I miss something in the fine print ?) ; free trade should work BOTH WAYS,eh ? This Keystone pipeline is no last minute nutty idea ,it’s a long term business trade deal, known about for why the dithering Mr. President ?

No problem,maybe an OPPORTUNITY, for Canada??—the world wants bitumen—Alberta has bitumen –so sell it through the west coast terminal,say at Port Simpson or vicinity..surely we can negotiate a fair ,(even great deal ) ,with the First Nations –and while you’re at it bring the other crazy pipe line schemes into the act..Imagine joint venture of three bitumen pipelines( Enbridge,KM,KXL)—makes sense ??

Such a plan,deals with almost ALL the BC public’ concerns about BITUMEN spills on our COAST –with one smart political/business/strategic decision..serve world markets,the west coast US—and even Gulf States refineries through Panama.If nothing else this idea might prompt Uncle Sam to get off his duff about Keystone XL ? Either way we need to think about combining the two existing pipeline schemes and export from Port Simpson through a two pipe line joint venture !?
Voila ! All major concerns addressed–
1. Minimizes bitumen ocean traffic in southern BC (Burrard Inlet,Gulf Island busy passes;Boundary Pass,Haro Strait,etc.),Salish Sea,Vancouver Island shores,…
2.No BITUMEN in Douglas Channel !!!
3.Alberta and Canada start to gain benefits gained from exports…sooner !
No need for anymore dithering—just ; modify Northern Gateway dumb scheme ;cancel Kinder Morgan maddening twinning proposal ;Canada can make decision quickly if it chooses to ,so GET ON WITH IT leaders—LEAD !

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