Public be damned !

Mr. Mayor..a minor victory—great !
..further to your press release

Your request for “An additional 10 days doesn’t begin to allow enough time to consult experts or to consider the application, then to detail to the NEB the serious threats Kinder Morgan’s proposal poses to our city and citizens.” Well said !
Mind boggling some might suggest !! This whole NEB thing is becoming a farce…

The following might be off interest..?

This 163 page U.S. EPA draft report discusses potential for shipping ‘incidents’ in the ‘Georgia Strait’ with specific reference to overall shipping increases including Kinder Morgan bitumen loaded tankers..and includes shipping traffic in our Canadian southern Gulf Islands, and the busy Boundary Pass and Haro Strait..These are Canadian waters that potentially could be directly affected by any Kinder Morgan loaded bitumen tanker incidents,and resultant spills ! This is of DEFINITE INTEREST TO THE CANADIAN PUBLIC . The NEB has already denied EPA access as interveners,because they applied ‘too late ‘ ! The NEB may now try to deny EPA again because THEY’RE(the EPA) not directly affected !!!
I wonder how NEB would respond to another EPA request to appear as interveners.on behalf of the Canadian public ! It would be interesting to see EPA denied again by the NEB—in writing and with reasoning stated ?? Or heavens we might get lucky and the NEB might reconsider their dumb earlier refusal ??

Following is an earlier email which includes ‘different’—but doable ways ‘out of’ this pipeline mess we have in BC..and Canada..
How many times do we have to tell the NEB and Enbridge that Douglas Channel … ‘was the dumbest possible location for a BITUMEN tanker route.’.
Now comes along Kinder Morgan (KM),with an even dumber plan, requiring bitumen laden tanker sailings to significantly increase in our busy Vancouver Harbour , the Salish sea , ,Boundary pass and Haro strait…I’d guess that KM has an expert’s (report) explaining potential ‘spill frequency’ for bitumen tankers… The U.S .Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has studied the area ,but EPA was NOT PERMITTED TO APPEAR as an intervener at the upcoming NEB hearings—surely the NEB would WANT TO HEAR about the U.S EPA study….IN THE CANADIAN PUBLIC INTEREST ! Apparently not—?? What could the EPA possibly know ??
Yes there are many complex issues involved….and treating the public like bunch of dumbos with ubiquitous nonsense ads,political maneuvers, has not gone unnoticed and we all await Oct 2015 to see who survives—must we await his final NEB decision—the National Election Ballot ??
The pipeline schemes ,as originally offered the public, were poorly ‘concocted’ from the outset. The wannabe pipeliners have created their own problems that they are unwilling to acknowledge or deal with….primarily ,the ‘public concerns’ about bitumen spills along our coast and in our environmentally sensitive areas—!
Meanwhile let’s solve the problem—now—??
Here’s a simple ‘plan’ that deals with most BC concerns; a ‘plan’ that ,I believe , the the public would accept ?– Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to combine forces and build one pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson ,or nearby ,to provide for open ocean access to world markets—and thus better “protect our waters and environmentally sensitive areas—” …and get on with shipping bitumen to the waiting customers !
If these wannabe pipeliners want to see a pipeline built then they need to change from the route of least ‘financial’ resistance—and instead,go with a more ‘common sense’ route .


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