Come on leaders–LEAD,please !

“The world wants bitumen—Alberta has lots –

Here’s a plan ; sell bitumen through the ONE west coast terminal,say at Port Simpson ,or vicinity.. Imagine a ‘common sense’ joint venture of two bitumen pipeline schemes( Enbridge,Kinder Morgan,(KM))—simple and makes sense—and likely a much more acceptable proposal that the BC public could support ….at the polls—- ??

These , ill-conceived ,maddening bitumen shipping proposals ,creates the basis of almost ALL the BC public’ concerns about BITUMEN spills in our shared COASTAL Waters.. –with one smart political/business/strategic decision…these oil producers and wannabe pipe liners could serve world markets,the west coast U.S. refineries..and maybe more bitumen now to China—given Obama’ dithering about Keystone XL ??….all resulting in benefits/revenues from exports—sooner.

Voila ! This alternate joint venture plan would address most major concerns ,and minimize the probability of bitumen spills and the resultant nasty consequences !

The plan;

1. Minimizes bitumen ocean traffic in southern BC (Burrard Inlet,Gulf Islands busy passes;Boundary Pass,Haro Strait,etc.),Salish Sea,Vancouver Island shores,…and U.S. shores.

2.Removes BITUMEN tanker traffic from Douglas Channel ,Hecate Strait,etc.

Enough dithering—just ; modify Northern Gateway dumb scheme ;cancel KM maddening twinning proposal ;Canada can make decision quickly if it chooses to ,so GET ON WITH IT leaders—LEAD !

Or do we need to await the next super NEB hearing…the National Election Ballot ?
..your move leaders !


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