Costly Indecision

Politicians watch the polls ! With respect to PIPELINES , things are not good !

According to media , customers wait , worry about the delay/dithering in building bitumen delivery infrastructure —
Simple logic suggests that every piece of infrastructure has the probability of failure—unless we plan/build for the worst case..
Ask a group of primary grade students ,after showing them photos of beaches and wildlife following Exxon Valdes ,Enbridge Kalamazoo fiasco ,Gulf Coast Shores BP disaster, WHERE THEY’D locate infrastructure and super tanker routes laden with BITUMEN ,on the BC coast……I’m guessing that they would NOT select Burrard Inlet and the southern Gulf Islands,Douglas Channel and the many ,complex ,wiggly exit paths to the Pacific !
With the AID OF ‘EXPERTS’ our mega corporation pipe liners and their shipping partners picked those very locations—GO FIGURE !!
It ‘took’ the NEB many months to miss/avoid the ONE obvious ‘CONDITION ‘ ,for the Enbridge proposal……”change location of shipping terminal to a potentially ‘LEAST HAZARDOUS SITE’.”
There is a SOLUTION …build a combined (Enbridge and Kinder Morgan) pipe line system form Alberta to Port Simpson(north of Prince Rupert) which provides relatively open ocean access to world markets——and receive profits,tax revenues sooner ,while effectively minimizing potential for bitumen spills !


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