Cooperating or co-opting ?

The Enbridge’ and Kinder Morgan PROPONENTS’ problems all started when they decided ,unilaterally,how and where to build necessary pipelines and where to travel our waters with their unwelcome bitumen tankers and pipelines—
Yes, infrastructure must be built to deliver Canada’s raw materials to market..In the case of the bitumen pipelines and shipping tankers–,mostly for the benefit of Ottawa and Alberta,with BC bearing the bulk of the potential risk ! OK–It’s the way the system works..Sometimes BC may benefit disproportionally—But like Albertans—BC workers and businesses contribute to the national wealth….
What we are seeing is little COOPERATION –Instead we see CO-OPTION .Thanks to online dictionaries; CO-OPTION explained—‘to appropriate as one’s own’; ‘preempt’: ,’commandeer’,’assimilate’,’neutralize’ not what BC had in mind –particularly when one reads the fancy NEB words ‘The purpose of the NEB is to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade in the CANADIAN PUBLIC INTEREST—presumably that would include BC PUBLIC INTEREST ??.–“
The BC main public interest/concern were completely IGNORED !Yes ,lot’s of discussion about the latest spill clean-up/recovery technology—which has yet to demonstrated to be effective,SAY,during a bitumen spill from a tanker ,hung up on a reef,at night,during a howling gale !!Show the world how this clean-up technology will handle this more typical ship ‘incident’!—
We see absolutely no willingness by the NEB or the PROPONENTS to reduce the probability AND CONSEQUENCES spills in our waters—absolutely NO WILLINGNESS to alter THEIR path of’ least resistance way’ o planning planningthe right-of –way location OR the ocean bitumen tanker routing…
Some say it feels like the traditional ‘MEGACORP ’ ways of bullying still with us—NO WAY !!The NEB ‘on paper’ looks like a good concept—but in reality it’s NOT WORKING !—except to ensure that the proponents get their way…

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