Public be damned !

If the NEB really understood their role—that is to look after the Canadian public interest ,they would solicit and call for world experts to present differing analysis..for debate before the public—and then prepare a recommendation for Cabinet—instead the applicant presents THEIR CHOSEN EXPERTS material…and until someone questions that material—the NEB has no choice but to accept that applicant offering…many of the public did present their opinion but it seems little of that material was incorporated into the final NEB report..even our Provincial government profess to ‘want to challenge the applicants offering’—did our government contract for world class experts for comparison to the Enbridge ,or Kinder Morgan ‘spill ‘ material studies?? The end result seems to be that the deep pockets will win—not surprising , I suppose ? Again the NEB concept/mandate NEEDS FIXING !
The key point remains—why pick BITUMEN shipping routes through narrow,island bound ,busy channels ,ports and similar complex waters in the first place—a Statistics 101 student could argue that to be a relatively poor choice when there are clearly more suitable ,safer routes that would result in less probability of incidents and spills—Instead Enbridge and Kinder Morgan have stuck to the path of least ‘financial ‘ resistance—and the public be damned !
The public may yet be heard at the next NEB(National Election Ballot)..we hope so !

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