What the….??

see http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2014/05/28/Kinder-Morgan-Pipeline-Expansion/ …The TYEE article tells us that ‘..the Texas-based company’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is ….. bigger (780,000 barrels—not 540,000 barrels) than what we’ve been led to believe” !!
We were concerned about ‘many more’ bitumen laden tankers bobbing about in Burrard Inlet and southern BC waters—— We shouldn’t FRET about a ‘few more’ barrels ..and even bigger tankers..after Second Narrows is dredged !! ??
Without INDEPENDENT EVIDENCE ,from an expert ,bitumen spill ,risk analysis study, our leaders are unable to decide ,objectively,IF THE PIPELINE SHOULD BE PERMITTED IN OUR BUSY WATERS !
I’d guess that Mr. Harper is uneasy about the ‘rough path’ KM is building …as he gets ready to head out on the election trail !!!
The entire Kinder Morgan (KM) twinning project ,as proposed,should be scrapped. Have our National Government instruct the NEB to declare Condition 210, ordering KM to join forces with Enbridge to ‘pipe’ dilbit from Alberta to Port Simpson..and on to world markets..
..while Alberta waits !


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