While no one leads !


The Zack Embree photo ,showing the ’WE LOVE THIS COAST’ banner , captures the essence of the main BC public concern . Thus far, the pipeline proponents ,the NEB and our leaders appear to CARE NAUGHT !!….??They all plod ahead with their ill—conceive, much disliked plans—WHY ???

Everyone ‘LOVES THIS COAST’ ….and I doubt that any would want those special BC waters and shores to be unnecessarily damaged !
There is a SIMPLE WAY out of this bitumen tanker ,pipeline mess…
FIRST; where ever POSSIBLE , keep the bitumen laden tankers out of busy harbours/passes ,narrow channels, island bound waters—
SECOND; consolidate the two wannabe Alberta bitumen export pipeline projects into ONE combined facility —and practically eliminate the potential for damage to the COAST . A bitumen shipping terminal at PORT SIMPSON (not Kitimat—and NOT Burrard Inlet) would provide relatively OPEN ACCESS TO THE PACIFIC and WORLD MARKETS —and reduce ,to a minimum ,the probability of a bitumen spills !

Come on EVERYONE, lets get on with it—Alberta and the market waits–


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