A Happier Electorate !

The Feds ,while keeping an eye on the polls—are ‘deciding’ how to get ‘unstuck’ from the bitumen ,‘tar (sands) baby’ ..This dilemma could create a strategically productive opportunity ! Think about this..‘don’t allow situations where the behemoth bitumen laden tankers are unnecessarily routed through busy national harbours and narrow passes,under a critical rail bridge,through island bound channels ,near fisheries and world famous shores and environmentally sensitive lands….
One intelligently located,,competently managed/operated pipeline system should be adequate to safely transport Alberta bitumen to a PERFECTLY LOCATED loading terminal…near Port Simpson..

Appoint a prestigious national team to NEGOTIATE, directly , with affected parties ,for one area (joint right of way) in B.C. for transport of this potentially hazardous product. Also let Cabinet/NEB direct Kinder Morgan to join with Enbridge in operating a combined pipeline system ,from Alberta to Port Simpson vicinity …..which provides relatively open access to the Pacific and world markets.
Imagine the public joy ,which now is left with little reason to be concerned about fouling/destroying B.C. waters ,shores and lands .
There’s still time for decisive ,more publically acceptable action, AND
…. to create a ‘happier’ electorate..!


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