Our only chance !

The Enbridge application was incomplete and should’ve been sent back for reworking. How will the 209 CONDITIONS be dealt with…likely ,with little public involvement !

1..Why weren’t quality pipe liners invited to COMPETE for this multi-billion dollar ‘opportunity’ ?

2. With just one applicant the NEB should solicit, independently ,world expert opinions to weigh against the proponent’s material.

3.The NEB intervention rules appear to minimize substantive public involvement .

4. Mr. Harper has hinted that he will declare this project in the National interest –so why bother with the NEB charade ?

Now comes the Kinder Morgan NEB public hearing…expect similar ‘rigorous’ analysis !

What to do ?

There is a simple plan—with perhaps the only chance of success..Let PM Harper direct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to combine their pipeline systems in a corridor from Alberta to a bitumen terminal at Port Simpson…..which provides access to world markets and minimizes the probability of ocean bitumen spills .
Our civic leaders might consider putting together a ‘blue ribbon committee’ to convince the National and Provincial leaders that this approach could help us to get Alberta bitumen to market..quickly and sensibly..

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