Corridor Concept ?

Mr.  Harper has signalled  that the pipelines ,as proposed, will be built …’in the National interest’ ! 
Recent media reports indicate that  the NEB has selective hearing ….and  is likely to get us no where..
What to do ?
Form a ‘BC Action  Committee’ from the willing, in our cities, and municipalities ,and be prepared to fund  the services of   consultants and media to help prepare and carry the ‘pipelines  corridor concept’ arguments forward ! The ‘Committee’s’  main objective would be to emphasize the common sense  benefits of a  pipelines corridor ,(where feasible) from Alberta to Port Simpson — and  get the public  asking—’why not’?
The public too should continue to ask their elected reps pertinent questions..
You can bet that Mr. Harper will be watching   the polls as the one ‘corridor concept’ idea takes hold.
With the ‘Committee’s’ findings in hand , Mr. Harper  could order  the  NEB to  reconvene  and  direct the wannabe pipe liners to resubmit their proposals and  build a pipelines system that results in   minimal risk of bitumen spills in BC waters….while delivering  Alberta bitumen to world markets.

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