Together,convince us !,1

Mr. Harper rejected any meetings…(with First Nations).  Harper’s good pipeline friends (and the NEB) needs help  FIXING  the BC pipelines MESS. !

Enbridge’s CEO told a crowd … the landmark  Supreme Court …. ruling …does not give Aboriginal communities a final veto. Mr. Harper knows that ..and as  leader,  has the authority to declare that critical national infrastructure to be  built..!!

Many doubt that Harper’s  ready to play that card ! A better option would be for our leader to ACCEPT THE FIRST NATIONS INVITATION .. !

TOGETHER ,these  leaders  should be able  to convince CANADIANS about the necessity for a critical  National Infrastructure concept  …for the national good !


In the meantime we wait serve a waiting bitumen ,revenue generating, world market ??


Here’s a  PLAN … Instruct  the NEB to order BOTH  pipe liners (Enbridge and Kinder Morgan)to  build their a  pipelines jointly , in a ‘corridor’ ,(where feasible),from Alberta  to Port Simpson…..and eliminate  most concerns about bitumen spills threats on environmentally sensitive shores,  in ocean waters,and threats the BC’ multi-billion dollar tourist industry..


The BC electorate waits..!


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