A Pipe Dream !

Is Kinder Morgan’ (KM)   ‘whistling in the dark’ ..about recently announced hearings delay… ?



Does this ‘delay’ present Mr. Harper  an  opportunity …to address BC concerns ?

First Mr. Harper may need to offer Canadians some reminders about government responsibilities…


The sitting Government is  required  to grow our economy,often with(typically ‘imperfect’) infrastructure development,such as highways,airports,pipelines, energy/resource development,etc….and will  be approved ,when deemed IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST ..Those inconvenienced will be compensated,fairly…as negotiated or via the courts ..


Mr. Harper’s  direct involvement ,is likely now required .

Many say there were too many ‘missteps’ during bitumen pipelines projects development and evaluation .

In response ….Mr. Harper’s government may wish to present a proposal that will bring the BC current pipeline proposals  to a workable conclusion..to start Alberta bitumen oil moving….and bring revenues to Canadian coffers.


Mr. Harper could appoint a Public  Inquiry to hear and review,expeditiously, the Enbridge Northern Gateway AND Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals and ask PARLIAMENT  to decide….!


We wait ..!


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