Kinder Morgan Emergency Plan..







Some ‘EMERGENCY’ questions ?

Surely by now Kinder Morgan would have ‘shiny new’ emergency plans—after the 2007 Burnaby Inlet Drive incident –where much was learned–

  1. Their pipeline drawings ‘are not accurate’—which was one of the contributing factors to that incident..are drawings now ‘more accurate’ ?

2.The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) Report (2007) noted that

An audit of Kinder Morgan’s damage-prevention program is also currently taking place..surely that is now completed.

…we should be able to see that ‘program’ —it might include useful information ..

  1. the Canadian Transportation Safety  Board (TSB) report noted that “The initial decision to stop deliveries to the tanker without isolating the gravity feed from the terminal …….was not in conformity with standard emergency shut-down procedures”. This issue should now better  understood—it would be critical in the event of a fire ?

4.Recent news stories about the pending ‘Big One’; earthquake Richter scale 9.0 ;concerns many—causing billions to be spent on public infrastructure—are the KM old storage tanks and ‘aged’ pipelines about to be ‘upgraded’ ? No doubt all the new Kinder Morgan storage tanks and pipelines will meet a similar standard to that of the government standard for public infrastructure –since this ‘infrastructure ‘ potentially affects the public—in many ways ?

5.Recent mine tailings pond failure makes many ask about who pays for a big pipeline or ocean spill incident—can someone please tell us specifically who pays for what…and what the public share might be..?

6.”We came to the conclusion that the lack of respect for onsite preconstruction procedures and inadequate communication compromised the safe operation of the pipeline “said Larry Gales, the (TSB)investigator in charge.How will this issue  be addressed ?




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