Pipe liners can rely on  traditional bully tactics.. knowing that  Mr. Harper ,in “the Canadian National Interest “,could  ram the pipeline approvals through parliament..Recall when Al Monaco,Enbridge CEO and Jim Prentice,Alberta Premier, mused about moving out of Douglas Channel ..were they LISTENING to the public ?Each  was  ‘CORRECTED’ by Enbridge   as they chose to stick with the dumb Kitimat location !! !!
The wannabe pipeliners  ‘battle’ UNNECESSARILY with the public and First Nations …and dither ….WHILE their  market shrinks…
Come on leaders,together—contact Mr. Harper and request him to order the  pipe liners to change to a more publically acceptable ,bitumen pipelines scheme !! For instance, why not one common-sense ,open ocean, west coast terminal  location,near Port Simpson…which offers open  access to  world markets.
Luckily, this COULD provide  us with an opportunity to cancel the even dumber Kinder Morgan twinning scheme and bring ALL ALBERTA BITUMEN  to that west coast terminal..through ONE COMBINED PIPELINES SYSTEM,possibly in a common pipelines corridor—and relieve the BUSY southern BC and Washington State waters FROM increased  THREATS OF OCEAN BITUMEN SPILLS.
The time has come—for leaders to listen—and MAKE  it happen !

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