Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 6:23 AM
Subject: Reply to your correspondence
Hi Mr. Rickford..

Thanks for response..they key point of my comment was that we minimize the probability of ocean bitumen spills—by restricting/eliminating unnecessary bitumen  tankers from busy, island bound,environmentally sensitive waters and shores…as for the promised ‘world class’ bitumen clean up technology..we see no specific effort to charge Canadian/International’ best independent research institutions with a scientific assignment to develop and demonstrate what might be labelled as world class bitumen handling procedures..all we see now is some industry effort to try and convince the public that ocean bitumen spills can be contained and/or recovered…this work should have been done before any  thought of increasing ocean bitumen laden tankers in our waters..and would have been welcomed by the nervous coastal public..even, what you propose is basically a backroom exercise by unknown ‘experts’..and WITH NO PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT !

Our Prime Minister once counselled that Science should guide us,..NOT POLITICS !
So again ,do the common sense thing..minimize the probability of ocean bitumen spills NOW—by allowing the landlocked Alberta bitumen to get to the waiting market..via a common sense combined pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson..our leaders should be able to leaders  us out of this Alberta ‘tar baby’ mess..
The electorate wait for some leadership…before it’s too late…
Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)

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