Export of our natural resources funds much of our economy.Ultimately government must approve vital supporting infrastructure ,‘in the national interest’ …that’s their job—but sometimes with political consequences ! ?
The BC public should accept a combined Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline  system(from Alberta to Port Simpson) that disturbs minimum land and utilizes ocean  routes that offer a minimum threat of bitumen ocean spills in our busy,narrow ocean passes and shores ..
Until such time as Mr. Harper can demonstrate his world class bitumen ocean spill clean-up system (in real ocean conditions) ,
we must  minimize the probability and consequences of a ocean bitumen spill..Imagine no increased bitumen tanker traffic in Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish
Sea..Simple as that. !!
This we can do, now ..and get Alberta bitumen to market…the dithering must stop—time  for leaders to LEAD !
Or do we need to wait until Oct 2015 for the BC public to make the ultimate decision ?

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