The North American  Free Trade Agreement , was negotiated ,in part, to assure a  US oil supply…presumably during good or bad times !   Canada has invested billions in heavy oil ‘refining’ facilities  …and now the Keystone XL  pipeline ‘sits’!   Climate change issues  dominate US debate..President Obama appears to have determined that a ‘CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTION’ should be his ‘legacy’….  the veto of  Keystone XL pipeline fits this goal !   The Trans Canada , Energy East project,  looks like a partial answer for the Canada/Alberta dilemna—and will assist in recouping some of the ‘billions’ —by supplying  (tight oil and bitumen) oil  for it’s Eastern refineries… and for export—. Is this a windfall opportunity for Canada ?? Let there be an ENERGY WEST pipeline—and move MORE of Alberta’s oil to world markets.. Mr. Harper ,here’s AN OPPORTUNE  time.. to ‘solve’ your  BC problem ;  order  Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to ‘TEAM up’ with KEYSTONE and  with affected First Nations…and build a ,more publically/politically acceptable ,combined pipelines CORRIDOR from Alberta to Port Simpson…let that be your ‘legacy’  …and everyone wins !


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