“…. there’s a difference of opinion of ……of what should be in that plan……

… could (KM) handle a fully involved fire …. “We would absolutely do what we can.”


Burrard Inlet  communities , could  retain services of a fire insurance experts to offer an independent expert OPINION about the tank farm design,…  including  advice  the ‘forecasted’ Richter scale 9.0 quake ..

The  “NEB to hold companies….accountable for the safe operation …”


The new Asian/world market could  be  served by creating a new  combined (KM-Enbridge)pipeline system ,,from Alberta to Port Simpson (PLAN B) ..thus eliminating most BC public’ areas of concern ..about Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet ,the busy Salish Sea ,the narrow passes and the environmentally sensitive shores .

Those  living just downhill of  tank farm ,might  welcome the new plan to NOTadd 14 new tanks …. bringing …volume to roughly 5.6 million barrels.”!

As we all know export infrastructure is vital to our economy..Mr.  Prentice says “we need pipelines”..would  Plan B , be more publically…an POLITICALLY acceptable ?








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