Public opinion and a COURT ORDER ‘caused’ Trans Canada(TC) to come up with a ‘SMARTER PLAN….to look for an alternative,acceptable St. Lawrence port location..away from beluga calving location. No doubt other issues will arise but so long as TC agrees to  common sense changes—this pipeline should proceed ?

A major oil export facility will go ahead in New Brunswick . Quebec remains interested in  the mega Energy East  pipeline and  resulting help with  Quebec economy.


In BC we see little chance of ‘SMARTER PLAN’ from our wannabe  pipe liners as they await Mr. Harper’s pipelines approval,in the ‘National Interest’,of course !  Apparently BC’ ‘beloved’ Spirit Bears issue is of ‘no concern’ –too far from Ottawa !

OR ,is the critical missing piece a COURT ORDER ??



Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  ignored the BC public concern about the beloved Kamode (Spirit) Bear) and the BC Great Bear Rainforest. and potential for ocean bitumen BC waters and the negative impact multi billion dollar  environmentally related  tourist businesses….

The BC public was outraged at the possibility of an oil spill in the Spirit bear’s territory.The Quebec beluga experience ,should bolster the BC public stand against ill-considered pipeline locations..

There are other ,more common sense,less threatening routes for the bitumen tankers to move Alberta bitumen to market.


We need to come up with a NATIONAL publically acceptable plan for bitumen  exports –West and East !.The time has come for leaders/pipe-liners  to ‘acknowledge  their bad judgement’—or must we await the ultimate NEB(National Election Ballot) and the ‘new bunch’ ,come October ?


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