Premier Elect, RACHEL NOTLEY wants market access for Alberta’s bitumen….’
.Our economy  could be adversely affected if we make a wrong decision …….Could this turn into   a ‘fair and independent review’ ! Something akin to a negotiated agreement..by the parties affected;BC and ALBERTA..! How novel ?
Thus leaving the bully pipe liners ,and friend Harper ,to wait the negotiated,publically acceptable ‘conditions’ !
BC might accept  ocean routes that minimize the probability of bitumen spills in busy ocean traffic waters and environmentally sensitive shores … that generate revenues in the billions for local businesses and  taxes ..and more critically ,to eliminates added bitumen tankers from  Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea..
This issue ,’conveniently’,has been ‘overlooked’ by our leader—though he promises some kind of ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery contraption..no doubt ‘scientifically developed’ and  successfully OCEAN tested ……we wait !
Not having heard of the Harper contraption, Energy East has just agreed to NOT BUILD A SHIPPING TERMINAL IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE AREA on the St. Lawrence….because of threats to a Beluga whale calving area.We too are concerned about our critters and loss of resultant  businesses generators and tax revenues.
Simply..BC must be allowed to have it’s say in this vital export ,revenue generating export proposal. The solution is so simple..build one combined pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson and avoid adding any bitumen tankers to our busy,environmentally sensitive areas…while providing relatively open ocean access to world markets !
No doubt Premier ‘Christy’ will welcome  a call….let’s talk !


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