Hooray—we now have an expert’s  report that tells us to ‘beware’..of the bitumen spill threat ( Tsleil-Waututh Nation releases their assessment of the Kinder Morgan project ),confirming our worst fears……but no doubt  Kinder Morgan have their expert’s  report …Who’ll win ?  Wanna bet ?
Mr. Harper has already signalled that these pipelines —‘shall be built’ ,in the ‘national’ interest ….then why bother with these silly NEB hearings ?
Politicians watch the polls nervously as they await   REAL NEB ,( National Election Ballot) come October…..BC waits to counsel ‘new bunch’ in Ottawa… to build  a common-sense pipeline that minimizes the risk of a bitumen spill in our busy,environmentally sensitive waters…to quote  ,who astutely observed  “the environment is the BC economy..” .   http://www.albertaoilmagazine.com/2015/05/the-hard-lessons-of-northern-gateway/
Those that wish to traverse our lands and sail our waters had better learn to listen !!
BC infrastructure handles much of Canada’s resources,happily….a smart pipeline should be welcomed….so forget the proposed  dumb pipelines  !
Canada’s standard of living is directly related to resource exports….yet our leaders choose to dither…..so let  the REAL NEB decide ?

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