Our wannabe pipe liners have dodged the OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN/EARN PUBLIC SUPPORT..does anyone recollect a pipeline corporation, seriously , discussing potential pipeline or bitumen tanker routes through our province…with local officials, provincial lands people,First Nations,the public…?? They would have soon found

  1. … ‘untouchable’ ,areas ;here’s the short list.. Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet, the Salish Sea..!—

2….some other areas could generate much resistance,

3…some areas look potentially suitable—let’s NEGOTIATE. ..


But NO, ‘they’ chose to bully their way through..knowing   that  Mr. Harper could/would  ram their proposal through parliament —in the ‘National Interest’. Yes.that’s the leaders job—to maintain,and build the economy—to support our standard of living,etc..This tactic might work if the country was at war..but in peace time,let REALITY  guide you   .   Also,don’t forget the looming election !

There is a relatively simple ,and likely more publically acceptable, pipelines/shipping plan –which eliminates or minimizes the potential of a bitumen spill which would seriously impact  our vital,multi-billion dollar tourist commerce !

We BC’ers   lovingly ‘hug our trees’ and ‘cuddle our salmon’ and we stand protect them.

Our BC pipelines mess needs ‘fixing’…let the negotiations BEGIN..before it’s too late !


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