Hooray for our Council’ decision…to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning application…..
Canada’s economy is maintained because of our natural resource exports….
The pipeliners ,because of their bullying tactics, and lack of public consultation have left the BC ‘electorate’ in an angry mood….!
Each pipeline proponent  has chosen the worst possible marine routes for those  large  bitumen laden carriers…Douglas Channel ,….Burrard Inlet … the busy Salish Sea ….crazy !
We’ve seen ,in our waters , a ferry ‘run into an island’ and sink,freighters collide ,grounded bulk carriers  ,loading facilities ’taken out’, leaking  fuel oil,etc..—sometimes with pilots on board…..what’s next?
An ever-increasing  number bulk carriers and other large vessels transit our ‘busy waters’… ..BUT why allow these bitumen laden vessels to travel UNNECESSARILY through these waters which generate multi billions in revenues for industry and tourist businesses.
Let the new  NEB boss lead them  to counsel government to make a better,publically acceptable tanker routing plan ,where the probability and consequences of a spill is minimized…
Some have suggested that both Kinder Morgan and Enbridge  combine their pipelines operations and ship from one port in more ‘open waters’—to meet  Alberta’s bitumen export needs ..

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