Media reports tell us that  Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau have    DECIDED that the Kinder Morgan  twinning scheme is the best for BC….. 
BC public  needs to see a process that ,fairly and INDEPENDENTLY , shows the concerned BC public the probability of marine/shipping incidents in  Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea…before ‘DECIDING’ !
Fortunately ,our U.S. neighbours are also concerned, and they chose to ‘let science help them to decide’  to find out how increased marine traffic could/might affect our shared waters…the Salish Sea..
This recent ,independent,risk analysis report (by Washington State and EPA )   ….concludes…(page 157)
“…simply, ….when traffic increases ,risk increases…..there is no guarantee that risk increases ,due to traffic increases , can be fully mitigated.”
Mr. Harper might recall ,when he  counselled …. ‘let science help us to decide…?
Let BC/Canada  offer to collaborate with Washington State …where both countries can agree to  science-based tanker routes in our jointly managed/protected waters…

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