BC public reaction,not political leadership,may have left BC and Alberta  ,ultimately,with an acceptable pipeline plan..and the  export revenues so vital to our ‘sputtering’ national economy !!
The proposed two pipeline proposals (Enbridge,Kinder Morgan ),for EXPORT of approximately ONE million barrels per day ,creates few jobs and much public concern about potential marine bitumen spills in our multibillion dollar ,environmentally related  tourist businesses …
Both pipelines ,as proposed, are badly conceived and deserve to be cancelled…..A simple,doable plan, would be to combine both pipelines systems from Alberta ,to a BC port location at Port Simpson..which offers  relatively wide open access to world markets…and  ELIMINATES ADDED BITUMEN TRAFFIC IN BURRARD INLET, THE SALISH SEA AND DOUGLAS CHANNEL…
In the meantime ,Energy East are proposing to ‘pipe’ about 2 million barrels ,through existing and extended pipeline system to the East(in ONE pipeline)..much of it to be  refined in Eastern refineries ,creating  many good  paying refinery jobs.. .
The biggest unresolved issue issue appears to with the First Nations dissatisfaction…negotiations  were late and so far less than effective…We now know that First Nations MUST be part of the solution…they can play a significant part in helping to ‘manage’ these pipelines as they traverse lands that they care for,respect  and love…!
Any wannabe political leader should be able to see that  a new ,publically acceptable pipeline is required to deliver  Alberta oil to market… and help to bolster our export revenues…Alberta waits !
Not much chatter about a refinery and all those good paying jobs…now might be the time for action ?

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