Mr. Harper  lacks an  of understanding of   BC’s  environmentally related ,multi-billion dollar,INDUSTRY—which could   be adversely affected , UNNECESSARILY, …when that inevitable bitumen spill ‘happens’ !

The ,UNACCEPTABLE  ,proposed pipelines locations has become   ‘THE ISSUE’—and borders on sacrilege in BC…

The Kinder Morgan  proposal to significantly increase the number bitumen-laden tankers in our busy Burrard Inlet  and the Salish Sea … is even dumber than  the Enbridge  plan, where they will need to wiggle bitumen  laden tankers through  the island-bound Douglas Channel  !

After Oct 19, the ‘new Ottawa bunch’ will know that the BC pipelines MESS needs to be fixed….Hopefully the NEB ,then ,will be instructed to call for a new pipelines PLAN–resulting in a   ‘combined’ ,simpler,pipelines system’ –from Alberta to Port Simpson,which removes most bitumen laden tankers from our major revenue generating waters . ..!

The BC public will understand a sensible solution !



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