Double hulls…pilots..tethering tugs,surveillance,..etc.. should help to better control tankers..true. Recent headlines show that the , more uncontrollable ‘ instrument’,  PEOPLE,remain to create a problem–because of inadequate training, personal  stress, ‘medical’ monitoring,being distracted ,over/under medicated,political/religious fanaticism,etc. !
WHY have we not seen an INDEPENDENT  ,’world class’ , ’RISK’ analysis..that should help the decision makers to ‘order’  a route that offers the least likely probability of a bitumen laden shipping spill in  our most environmentally sensitive,economically lucrative  waters ..namely Douglas Channel,Salish Sea, Burrard Inlet.. ?
Pipelines and tankers are here for a long while..and someone must decide how and WHERE,  best, to utilize these vital transport methods..
Sorry ,Mr. Harper, but your promise  promise of of a ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery system is seen as so much political  hokum….but common sense and science should help us to build a more publically acceptable,least risk, bitumen transport system—

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