While Enbridge does not agree( that— the Straits pipelines would current an unreasonable danger of ecological and financial hurt….. they have pledged  ..to maintain heavy oil out of a pipeline in Northern Michigan’   !!
With memories of the   2010 pipeline failure,Michigan has decided that Enbridge will do as it’s told in Michigan….and to ensure that Enbridge abides by Michigan’s order….. Gov. Rick Snyder introduced creation of a 15-member pipeline security advisory board ….’
BC’s  bully pipeliners (Enbridge and Kinder Morgan) will ignore public outcries, while knowing that  Prime Minister Harper can  whisk their  pipeline schemes through parliament….all in the National Interest, of course !!.
Should  BC create a ‘Pipeline Advisory’ Board, to counsel BC public and  governments ,with high quality,’world class’ technical/scientific  information to challenge the  sloppy proposals offered. .
Our public protector , the  NEB ,should be telling   the government what it needs to know….not what it wants to hear !
Then, maybe we can get similar ‘pledge’ from our wannabe  pipeliners ??

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