Recently,I sent an email to Mr. Wilkinson (local Liberal Party candidate) inquiring about the Liberal Party position ‘on the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning project’ ..Many  Burrard Inlet Community Residents ( BICRes) are  VEHEMENTLY  OPPOSED to this ill-conceived,unnecessary project !!!

I expected to hear some RELEVANT COMMENT …instead,see below.

“Carl  ;  ….get Canada back on track  to fulfilling its potential – as a respected member of the global community.

 Please consider making a donation to my campaign.    A $50 contribution is eligible for a $37.50 tax credit….”  etc…

Luckily I found out about the Liberal Party position..on the Kinder Morgan twinning project…from a CTV news item..

It  goes something like this…Trudeau is ‘willing to consider the project…if it passes the environmental review…and gets support from the affected communities.’.?? What ??
Surely  Mr. Wilkinson ..will interpret for we BICRes  !!

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