With help from the pipeliners’ ‘how-to bully ‘ playbook…the Alberta Premier has offered gratuitous help  for the BC pipelines mess…


”In an interview,Premier  Notley said she’s meeting PRIVATELY with political leaders, pipeline companies and environmental groups to win support ..”  might we see the  Premier’s notes outlining the PUBLIC support of those lucky folks who live “further south” of the insane Kinder Morgan plan ?


The Eagle Spirit group  has  recognized the importance of , firstly gaining/earning  public acceptance  and ensuring the First Nations are  part of the solution…



The lack of early  negotiations/communication by the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  pipeline and shipping proposals left us with our current BC pipelines mess !

These   pipelines,as proposed,are disasters in waiting, because the associated  bitumen laden tankers routing needlessly  threaten local communities and  our

environmentally related ,multibillion dollar   businesses    in our environmentally sensitive waters…. Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet, and Salish Sea. !!

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