LISTEN–then ‘FIX’ !

Why  does BC require   the Enbridge AND  KM  pipelines  to transport   oil, primarily FOR EXPORT…while  providing  little benefit to  BC communities…The Energy East Pipeline sends more oil,a  much greater distance, to Eastern Canada—to supply  LOCAL REFINERIES and for EXPORT !

KM  has  ignored BC’ MAJOR concern …about that inevitable bitumen SPILL ,and the potential destructive  impact on one of  BC’ major industries … the   multibillion dollar , environmentally related, tourist businesses….so much  associated   with  our world renowned,environmentally rich  waters .


Our  new government , that promises to‘LISTEN’, must  provide counsel/direction/leadership  to ‘the industry’ , local communities and First Nations about the CHALLENGES and REALITIES associated with resources EXPORT infrastructure….. …but EXPORT we must . So, ‘compromise’ is required, which has been difficult since no one knew knew or understood  the ‘fuzzy’ review process—

Ultimately Canadians want to see results..that ‘we can live with’—instead of the botched BC pipelines MESS we see today ! ….which can be ‘fixed’ !……see for more related ideas..

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