Our challenge is   to MINIMIZE THE PROBABILITY  of  a
BITUMEN TANKER  spill   in  our waters.
the Kinder Morgan(KM)  media  demonstration,for handling of a ‘worst case’ scenario,at their Westridge Marine terminal..where  Michael  Davis ,
of Trans Mountain,
mentioned that

“large spills ,become so UNLIKELY as to become IMPRACTICAL for regular service !!…Comforting,eh ?

I suppose we’re to understand that OTHERS will handle those UNLIKELY  bitumen spills  beyond the KM terminal,   Specifically,what others ?
Our leaders must decide who,when and where, how ,bitumen will be transported and how spills  will be  dealt with  in our waters… while still encouraging  export of our resources,so vital for our economy…!  Alberta and customers wait !
By building ‘smarter’ pipelines and restricting tanker traffic to ‘least busy’ routes,  we’ll have made our best,most practicable choice..and
MINIMIZED THE PROBABILITY of a ‘bitumen spill’ event in our environmentally sensitive ocean waters ..and maintained our multibillion dollar revenue generating tourist businesses…

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