President Obama ‘nixes’  Keystone XL….

Recall when Canada  agreed to provide the US a  safe,reliable source of oil and gas(NAFTA)..during the much feared world oil shortage !

Yes,  climate change issues has created many complications …

Not to worry..President Obama  and Prime Minister Trudeau will soon be at Paris Climate Change conference to deal with those ‘COMPLICATIONS’ !


Suddenly ,the world is awash in oil !

Many have cautioned that Canada must  not rely   on the US market….  Oil export opportunities remain…Enbridge have many pipelines wiggling their way across the US and Canada which,no doubt, will be ‘modified’– as required! ….Energy East will export  oil from proposed New Brunswick terminal…AND the, yet to be built , SMART PIPELINES SYSTEM FROM ALBERTA TO AN OPEN OCEAN TERMINAL LOCATION NORTH OF PRINCE RUPERT.. ..then ship oil…EVERYWHERE—while minimizing potential for bitumen spills in our environmentally related multibillion dollar generating tourist and fishing industries !

Or, is Keystone XL   ‘not dead yet’ ?

Buy rail !


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