We hear that PM Trudeau  will ‘order’ a ban on  oil tanker traffic in BC northern waters…  …everyone remembers the  EXXON VALDEZ disaster…The US didn’t respond  with a’ knee jerk’ ban for  all oil shipping traffic’  !

Much has been done by the (US) industry to reduce the probability of similar incidents…

Their National Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test Facility, is busier than ever. .  Canada must  make scientifically researched decisions also…Let the PM Invite  recognized science  research organizations/universities to work toward Canada’s best interests…include   our, once famous, National Research Council..


THE ISSUE ,in a nutshell is…more our busy waters…equals MORE RISK !

So,select proposals for  ‘ least risk’ waters…not ‘slap bang’ in the middle of busy harbours and tricky island passages..!

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