The NEB reviews  and RECOMMENDS…..all in the PUBLIC  interest. The government DECIDES…  Since the NEB review process fell ‘between’ governments the situation becomes trickier..throughout the hearings, the affected  public expressed  much dislike of the Kinder Morgan twinning proposal…Interestingly ,the public HAS SPOKEN loudly..and offered their preference  ..for a different that professed to be a LISTENER  to public concerns,etc..this same public is still ‘not interested in this ill-conceived’ KM proposal…for the many reasons so often expressed …why then has this new government ,with no new science or public support, decided to favour a pipeline which is so feared ? Nothing has been offered to show any new science or logic to allow these many  behemoth,  bitumen laden tankers to wiggle their way through our busy harbour and tricky island passes in the Salish Sea…and unnecessarily threaten our waters with that inevitable bitumen spill..Mr. Prime Minister,as one who loves our scientists, let THEM  ,with science,show how  permitting increased shipping in these busy ,and getting busier, waters is better forgotten.There  is much simpler and less risky way to transport bitumen to market…

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