While the babes in Manilla swoon over our ‘too handsome’ Justin , confusion reigns back home…Recall that Justin Trudeau said that the NEB rules had to be changed..and THEN  the pipeline would be looked at again…Meanwhile Kinder Morgan is in the midst of a  government  approved hearings process….Are Trudeau’s wishes  just ‘wishes’ until parliament reconvenes and makes official changes to the NEB ?…  Alberta AND  Ottawa bean counters would be happy to see the bitumen export revenue..! Then, President Obama nixes the Keystone XL pipeline…Also, everyone pretty much agrees that the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline,as proposed, a –is dead !! Where’s the bitumen to go ?

During the election campaign Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Notely both seemed to agree what the KM twinning project was preferred ! !  I’m guessing  that the pressure for the revenue might allow Trudeau and Cabinet to ‘hold their noses’ and approve the KM twinning ,ill-conceived, twinned pipeline plan !

Yes,it’s about the money—stupid…and besides,there’s no election until 2019 ! !

Alternatively,we could build a single,combined,  smarter pipeline … then everyone wins !!

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