I see two pipeline stories in today’s  Vancouver Sun …

Minister Mary Polack “BELIEVES…  Kinder Morgan(KM) has failed  to provide …an aderquate plan ..to prevent or respond to..oil spill……”Minister Polack ..and everyone else in BC.,DO NOT WANT TO HEAR…from emergency officials..  ’ a  container vessel is stuck  in the side of  bitumen tanker in Haro Strait…… or…?

Guess what.. Mr. Trudeau… ..already has stated  HIS preference for the KM twinning project ! And, he has effectively killed the Enbridge Northern Gateway project ..with his  ban on oil tanker traffic in northern BC waters… !

Mr. Prime Minister, give your   ‘so loved’  scientists a chance to demonstrate  that ONE smarter pipeline could be built..to handle both the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan flows with ease…simply, by SCIENTIFICALLY locating  a  marine route that MINIMIZES THE PROBABILITY  of a bitumen spill in BC ‘ most environmentally sensitive waters !

Let’s assume that   your  Climate Change advisors,when  searching for a new Vancouver  airport  location ,would choose a location that   MINIMIZES THE PROBABILITY  of a Boeing 747 ,landing at Granville and  Georgia..


Just plain common sense.. !!


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