The PM prefers  the Trans Mountain Twinning scheme… has   killed the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines plan by   banning  oil tankers in northern BC..!
The Energy East  ’problems’ remain…for PM’ mediation  !
The PM has complicated the rather simple oil export plans  , when he decided to include the ‘carbon dioxide’ issue in  the NEB pipelines  review process  ??This is  global problem…surely.  Meanwhile let’s earn the export revenues so desperately required…now !
What’s the logic…pipeliners don’t produce carbon dioxide…autos produce much of the why not ‘penalize’ Ontario auto producers…and/or  the rail,airlines or shipping industries, farming,etc.—which all contribute to the carbon dioxide dilemma ?
Many ‘new energy concepts’ ,are still in the fledgling stage, and some show promise…Here’s where  Canada could show meaningful  RESOURCEFULNESS by leading  ..let the  Canadian infrastructure fund ,AND ‘subsidized’  OIL ,  devote a significant amount of facilities and  funding to establishment of 2 Canadian research centres (universities)  for  alternative energy collaboration with other nations, to find practicable solutions….and to help confirm, scientifically, the magnitude of the ‘apparent’ CO2  problem….
Study Stephen Jobs…and think outside of the box…. !

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