The ‘Four Pipelines’ …

1.The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline ‘killed’ … since the PM has decided to ban oil tankers from BC’ northern waters..


2.The  Kinder Morgan ,pipeline twinning proposal… ‘preferred’ by Mr. Trudeau..subject to “buy-in” from First Nations –we wait !

3.The  Keystone XL pipeline  is ‘nixed’ by President Obama …soon after  Justin Trudeau decided to withdraw our CF18 fighters …

4.The Energy East pipeline … the  PM will  mediate  this pipeline … this vote-rich region…bets ?…


Recall, during the election, those frequent   promises to ‘listen’ and apply ‘science’…?    Gotcha !


Now , the PM has decided to include the ‘global’ CO2 issues  when considering bitumen pipelines projects.. Pipelines produce relatively little CO2…

Shouldn’t PM  first develop CO2 guidelines  for all industry… We  all contribute to CO2 production…the  most ‘wicked’ being those   that utilize petroleum to  move/comfort people and products .Therefore, for starters, we’ve decided to apply a CO2 ‘tax’  to  auto, airliner, heating/cooling  and ship manufacturing industries.



Expect would-be investors to look elsewhere ….?


We await the next decision ,breathlessly !

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