Stephen Harper,promised to use science to help make the pipeline decision…We saw  only one ULTIMATE decision…..when the angry public  ‘tossed Mr. Harper !  The wary Justin Trudeau too, repeatedly promised to listen and use science to help make decisions…. .Instead  PM Trudeau  made ‘knee jerk’ announcements  favouring  the Kinder Morgan twinning project…and then effectively killed the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal when he made the  ’out of the blue’ decision to ban oil tankers from northern BC waters…WITHOUT showing the supporting science.
The media tells us  that PM Trudeau is not so certain about those premature decisions ….BETTER LATE, THAN NEVER…! Alberta swims in oil,NL economy struggles,Canada’s oil sits while  foreign oil supplies  Canada’s Eastern refineries..
Those returnees from the Paris Climate gabfest…have forgotten about REALITY…common sense decisions are needed……Canadians are concerned and promising   alternative energy solutions are underway…but for now the world cannot turn off the oil valves..and we must be realistic…Build common sense pipelines in locations that the public will agree to…but provide them with the science to show  the ‘better’ alternative…
Build ONE pipeline to the East and one to the West…AND GET ON WITH IT..!

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