PM Trudeau’s comment at a Mar 1,2016, news conference..“governments grant permits, communities grant permission”……and some other comments I recollect…’need for projects to gain social licence’…’multiple perspectives ,lead us to better solutions’..’listen ….’.’Canadians want growth..while protecting the environment’..all spoken with zeal by the Prime Minister…..

These  recent ‘pointers’ from the Prime Minister, suggest that the final decision will be made after— ‘communities’ are fully heard..then a ‘constructive and collaboratively developed solution..’ should evolve.. Sticky issues remain…but with these conciliatory words we should expect fairly quick decisions…Our economy will be crying for revenues as we plan for repayment of the $30 billion dollar (debt funded) infrastructure program…

Presumably,  there are several  mayors and local leaders that want to ‘offer their range of perspectives…’

I must comment on your strong ‘cadre’ of ‘Members’ in the Greater Vancouver area..may I suggest that you ask them to discuss these pipelines matters with their local community leaders and report back to you and the NEB to bring an early resolution…Alberta waits .

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